Fast-track finding the right medication. The Amplis Report provides you with a tool to assist your prescribing decisions.


The Amplis solution

The Amplis Report provides you with a powerful new tool to assist your prescribing decisions. With a simple cheek swab, you can get a personalized view of your patient, with assistance on which medications will be the best match for their genetic profile.

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Amplis Report reduces the likelihood of adverse drug interactions and provides you with medication risks based on your patient’s genetics and lifestyle factors to help assist your prescription decisions.

General Medical Conditions

Amplis Report provides you with an analysis of your patient’s medication profile for a variety of therapeutic classes to fulfill your prescriber needs.

Mental Health Conditions

Amplis is based upon cutting-edge knowledge of both liver and blood-brain-barrier metabolism to help you find more effective medications fast.

Co-Occurring Conditions

Depression is a common co-occurrence with mental health and general medical conditions but often goes undetected. Amplis can help you find more effective medications for your patient’s co-occurring conditions.

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Clinician benefits

The Amplis Report is a decision support tool for clinicians, based on advanced genetic technologies. The use of this personalized report may assist clinicians in reducing trial and error.

  • Cardiology Medications
  • Endocrinology Medications
  • Pain Medications
  • Gastroenterology Medications
  • Alzheimerʼs Medications
  • Psychiatric Medications
  • Diabetes Medications
What is included in Amplis?

Genetic and non-genetic guidance

Based on genetics, lifestyle factors, anticholinergic burden, BEERs criteria and more.

Antidepressant guidance

Based on advanced liver and blood-brain barrier metabolism of antidepressant medications.

Diverse medication classes

Including mental health, general medical conditions, co-occuring medical conditions, and polypharmacy issues.

Dynamic portal

Access to a dynamic portal where you can model alternative medication plans in real time.

How does it work?

Talk to your patient

Discuss the value of Amplis with your patient. You can order the test for them.


Cheek swab

A simple, quick and pain free cheek swab is taken, and then sent to our partner laboratory to assess your patient’s genetics.


Shared decision making

Review the easy-to-understand Amplis™ Report with your patient to find medications and doses that work best for them.


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